Paul Terasaki did not work in isolation but instead was part of a large international effort. The first part of his career was involved in the discovery of HLA and its relevance to transplant rejection, which involved many other researchers over an extended period of time. He made an interesting effort to document how this all happened. Instead of writing a single person summary from an "omniscient" point of view, he chose to ask his colleagues for their own stories of how things happened. This resulted in two books, "History of HLA" and "History of Transplantation", published in 1990 and 1991. For anyone interested in learning about how HLA was discovered and its early development, or in the rise of human transplantation, these books are a unique resource. Both books are now out of print. They are copyrighted by UCLA, which has scanned them into PDF format and made them available for download from the internet. Many thanks to Stephen Smale, the Dean of Research at the UCLA Medical School for arranging to have this done.

History of HLA: Ten Recollections (19.3 MB PDF file)
1990. Paul Terasaki (editor), Jean Dausset, Rose Payne, J.J. van Rood & A. van Leuwen, D. Bernard Amos, Walter & Julia Bodmer, Roy L. Walford, Flemming Kissmeyer-Nielsen and Arne Svejgaard, J. Richard Batchelor, and Fritz H. Bach

History of Transplantation: 35 Recollections (44.2 MB PDF file)
1991. Paul Terasaki (editor), Alexandre, Amos, Bach, Barnard, Belzer, Billingham, Brent, Calne, Cortesini, Dossetor, Eichwald, Goodwin, Hamburger, Hume, Kolff & Nakamoto, Kountz, Kuss, Lee, Medawar, Monaco, Morris, Murray, Najarian, Pichlmayer, Rapoport, Reemtsma, Russell, Shumway & Lower & Dong, Snell, Starzl, Terasaki, Thomas, Bekkum, van Rood, Woodruff. Paul Terasaki chapter